line art
line art
line art

Download files optimized for your need

PNG colored on tablet

Files for digital coloring

Directly upload the PNG to your favorite coloring programs. The transparency offers ease and complete freedom. It opens wide possibilities to what you can achieve. So create as many colored versions of the files you want. No frustration, just have fun!

coloring page colored

Files to print for coloring

For “traditional coloring”, get the printable PDF file. That way you can print the line art on your favorite papers as many times as you want. So, allow yourself to experiment with new techniques and new mediums without the fear of having only one “try”!

Color line arts from various subjects

I offer various line art for coloring which I regrouped in three main categories: Fictional, Realistic and Mandala.


The line art from this category has subjects like animals, plants, things, portraits… all found in this world. The references may be from reality, it is still my interpretation you get from all these drawings!


In this category you will find illustrations inspired by my own imaginary world, from comic book style drawings with my character Froggy to more abstract scenery. There you willl find also my own take on fantasy creatures, from books or folklores and seasonal themed illustrations!


Looking for patterns for coloring to relax? From floral compositions, to more symmetrical abstract patterns, you may find back your zen out of this line art category.

small line art to illustrate that my line art are hand-drawn


My lines have my own style, character & flaws

small line art to illustrate my original art

Original Art

All illustrations here come from my own mind

small line art to illustrate my core values


Freedom, curiosity & respect fuel my creativity

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