I’ve spent most of my childhood in Neo Caledonia, a small island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. There, I could spend almost an entire day diving the lagoon in the middle of colorful fish, observing the sea-life around me. All the colors and diversity still inspires me to this day. I wanted to create a line art illustration for coloring that recreates this marine atmosphere and invite a dive into coloring. The fish in this line art were the ones which fascinated me the most as a child (although there is no shark in the illustration). I particularly admire the stripe patterns on them. When they turn or just swim up and down in groups this is truly mesmerizing! This coloring page opens a lot of possibilities color-wise. The fishes might be real ones, but you can have your own lagoon and populate it by with using the color palette you enjoy the most!

What would you like to use this line art for?

Black lineart

Black lines

This is the line art versions everyone colored on as a child. It is the more common line art version out there. All my lines are solid black, outlines and details!

The type of files you download depends on how you will color the line art. If you are a colorist who enjoys "traditional" coloring, pick "print to color" to get a PDF file for printing on your favorite paper!If you are a digital colorist, the other choice offers a PNG with transparency. You can import this type of file in all coloring softwares. Why if you do both? I advise you to pick the PNG file as you can still print this file!
print to color

To print for coloring

The PDF file has been created to be printed on A4 papers. Only use your black ink and off you go! you can print line art on any paper you want to practice coloring on any coloring medium you want to!

digital coloring

For digital coloring

The PNG file have not only the background transparent but the softer lines are semi-transparent. This makes it ideal to color the line art in your favorite programs. Import the file, create a layer underneath and have fun!



A4 format
(21 x 29,7 cm | 8.3 x 11.7 inches)


(300ppi | 300dpi)

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