I started sketching for this illustration while I was on a train. I let my imagination wander and fantasize about being on a journey on board of the Orient Express in the early 19th century. Catching part of people’s conversations from all around the world. And among them explorers stories from naturalists on their way to discover new species of plants or insects. I was always fascinated by Curiosity Cabinet and wanted to draw insects for a coloring page for a while. I lived in Guyana for two years and entomologist collections were very impressive in colors there. I like the idea of a “collection of insects” but without real specimens pinned on a board. And, just like the mushrooms in my other line art Twirl of Mushrooms,I wanted the insects not to be drawn from real references.

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Black outlines & softer details

Black outlines & softer details

The outlines are opaque black so you can color neatly the main areas. The details are softened, you can go over those lines which have some transparency.

The type of files you download depends on how you will color the line art. If you are a colorist who enjoys "traditional" coloring, pick "print to color" to get a PDF file for printing on your favorite paper!If you are a digital colorist, the other choice offers a PNG with transparency. You can import this type of file in all coloring softwares. Why if you do both? I advise you to pick the PNG file as you can still print this file!
print to color

To print for coloring

The PDF file has been created to be printed on A4 papers. Only use your black ink and off you go! you can print line art on any paper you want to practice coloring on any coloring medium you want to!

digital coloring

For digital coloring

The PNG file have not only the background transparent but the softer lines are semi-transparent. This makes it ideal to color the line art in your favorite programs. Import the file, create a layer underneath and have fun!



A4 format
(21 x 29,7 cm | 8.3 x 11.7 inches)


(300ppi | 300dpi)

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