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Behind the Lines

Hello, my name is Claire Duval. I am a trained pharmacist, but I always dreamed of pursuing a more creative life. I would often sketch and create illustrations that I would bring to life with watercolors. Becoming a line artist for coloring seemed like an obvious choice to me!

I draw most of my inspiration from nature, particularly plants, which still connect me my favorite pharmacist subject, botany. I always want to learn new things and create meaningful illustrations in hope to inspire people to color my line art.

Rainbow Gallery

Ever since I began my journey, as a line artist in 2022 I have been crafting line art pieces for each week of the year. Every new year presents me with the chance to delve into themes whether its through creating illustrations like those, in my Memento Mori series or designing Tarot card inspired artwork. I enjoy bringing my coloring pages to life to create a rainbow throughout the year! If you’re curious to witness this journey unfold feel free to explore my Instagram posts by clicking on the artworks.

small line art to illustrate that my line art are hand-drawn


My lines have my own style, character & flaws

small line art to illustrate my original art

Original Art

All illustrations here come from my own mind

small line art to illustrate my core values


Freedom, curiosity & respect fuel my creativity

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